Soft Close Automatic Door for the car is a door that can automatically latch and lock with only an extremely light push, the door closes smoothly and with very little sound.

What are Soft Close Automatic Doors for cars?

Soft Close Automatic Doors is a type of door that is capable of automatically closing tightly without the need for a strong hand to force the door to snap into the lever like a normal car door. This type of door is installed with a smart automatic door lock system. Accordingly, users only need to push lightly so that the door just touches the lock on the body, and the system will automatically pull the latch door.

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Soft Close Automatic Doors is capable of automatically closing tightly

Soft Close Automatic Doors were formerly thought to be a stylish feature that could only be found on high-end vehicles like the Mercedes E200 Exclusive, Mercedes E300 AMG, BMW 520i and 530i, Audi A6, Audi Q7… and above. However, thanks to automated soft-closing, practically any car model may now have this cutting-edge function.

Advantages of Soft Close Automatic Doors

Capable of anti-jamming

To keep people safe, soft-close automatic doors incorporate anti-jamming features. If there is an obstruction when the door is closing, it will stop immediately.

Don’t change the car’s design

Even though it’s sometimes referred to as “soft-close automatic door mode,” it simply involves installing a new door lock with a sensor and motor in place of the old one. As a result, the design and construction of the car are essentially unaffected by the addition of soft-close automatic doors. There is no drilling, cutting, or chiseling mode while installing the soft-close automatic doors. The original door lock should be replaced with a soft-close automatic door lock. Since the powertrain is buried underground, it has little bearing on how the car functions as a whole.

Make sure the electrical system is secure

A cable is connected straight from the battery to the control circuit board of the motor’s soft-close automatic door motor via two levels of fuses, one at the power source and the other on it. The car’s original electrical system is not taken away from or interfered with during installation. As a result, the electrical system of the car is still kept secure.

Compatible for cars

These days, soft-close automatic doors are made for each individual car model, brand, etc. They will thus be completely compatible with the car once installed. The majority of popular car models available today, from entry-level vehicles like the Kia Morning and Hyundai i10 to C- and D-class cars like the Mazda 3, Kia K3 (Cerato), Toyota Camry, VinFast Lux A2.0, Honda CR-V, and Hyundai SantaFe to luxury cars from manufacturers like Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Volvo, and Land Rover, all have soft-close automatic doors that work with them.

Soft-close automatic doors are made for each individual car model

You must have learned more about the product and made your own decision after learning about the soft-close automatic door’s working concept and benefits. You should pick recognized and high-quality brands to ensure the product’s operation is smooth and long-lasting high, bringing happiness to yourself. Soft-close automatic doors currently have numerous brands and varied rates. Visit Otocare right away for the greatest product knowledge and guidance!