An anti-theft engine lock system is provided by the push-button start system and smart key. This technology, which has a lot of helpful features, is rapidly taking the place of the conventional mechanical key.

With the push-button start system and smart key, customers will unlock the car with a real electronic device known as a smart key rather than starting the car with a key. Smartkey will alert the car’s computer system when it is within a set distance of the vehicle. To verify the key code, the encoder chip communicates to the engine through the ECU. When the user hits the Engine Start Stop button, the ECU will enable the car to start if the code is accurate.

Start Stop Smartkey for cars

The advantages of the car’s Start Stop Smartkey

Extreme security

Only the smart key with the installed key encryption can open the car when it is equipped with a push-button start system and a smart key. Even if the Start Stop button is hit, the system will prohibit the engine from starting if the key does not include the key. There won’t be any fuel injection or ignition. The Start Stop Smartkey set is considerably safer to use than standard mechanical locks and keys in the past.

Start/turn off the car engine through the button

The Start Stop Smartkey set boasts a high level of safety as well as a variety of highly helpful functions. You don’t have to turn the key in the ignition to start the car when utilizing the Start Stop kit. As a result of Smartkey’s automatic transmission of a signal to the ECU system. You simply need to push the Engine Start Stop button to start the car if the key encryption is accurate. Similar to starting up, simply click the Engine Start Stop button to shut down.

Lock/unlock the door when the key is far/near

You may remotely unlock or lock the door and raise or lower the window glass by pressing the Smartkey button. When a Smartkey is within a radius of 1 to 5 meters of the car, some Start Stop sets also have the ability to automatically open the door. Similarly, the system will automatically engage the door lock if Smartkey is more than 1 to 5 meters away from the car.

Alarm when detecting car door is smashed or pry

The Engine Start Stop system may lock the steering wheel while also alerting the driver if an unusual external force is being applied to the automobile while it is locked. The device will sound an alert if a burglar is breaking down the door or banging on it.

Automatic open/close trunk

When installing the Start Stop Smartkey kit, if your car has an electronic trunk function, the trunk door can also automatically close or open if the Smartkey approaches, much like the car door.

Remote start/stop car engine

Many Start Stop lines currently also have a remote detonation option. Through Smartkey, you may remotely start the car. This function enables the air conditioner to start and switch on early in the car, creating a cooler environment before you enter. Similar to that, you may use Smartkey to remotely turn off your car’s engine.

Lost key warning

When the owner of the car leaves the key inside the car, some Smartkey models now offer an extra warning feature.

Connection to a smartphone

Some Start Stop Smartkey lines also provide smartphone connectivity. Even though they are becoming more and more popular, certain models and low-cost variants still lack the manufacturer’s push-button start mechanism and smart key. Car owners can, however, fully install more on their own. Start Stop and Smartkey accessories are widely available right now for a wide range of vehicles, including Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Suzuki, Hyundai, and Kia.

start stop smart key
The advantages of the car’s Start Stop Smartkey

When the Start Stop level must intervene and modify the car’s electrical system. A car fire or explosion might result from the electrical system short-circuiting if the installation is done incorrectly, which increases the danger. Furthermore, the quality of the Start Stop set is crucial. Therefore, you should opt to purchase branded Start Stop lines with a known origin to assure safety. Therefore, for good technical installation, please kindly contact Otocare!