Otocare’s main criterion is compliance with the standard service procedure with the aim of presenting a Clean – Shine – Light – Bright service. Please refer to the service procedure for Otocare!

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Service procedure at Otocare

Welcoming customers

Otocare encourages clients to contact and book an appointment in advance in order to receive priority service and a variety of rewards. This allows for the most considerate customer experience.

Otocare will completely prepare information about services and customer requirements to cut down on waiting times and check-in when consumers visit the store.

Otocare is aware that in order to earn the confidence of clients, the best possible customer service must be prepared. Customers will be greeted by Otocare at the entrance, and the service consultant will actively welcome and assist them as quickly as possible. A security guard will direct customers to the service reception area.

Consulting Services

Consumers will be counseled by Otocare personnel regarding servicing requirements, vehicle inspection, and guidance on information related to services that fit the criteria of customers, such as car models, designs, specifications, etc., in order to understand the services at Otocare combined with attractive promotions properly.

In order to assist customers in making the best decision, the inspection and selection of the vehicle will involve checking the interior, outside of the car, engine compartment, technical parameters, and other relevant checks on the state of the vehicle. Consumers will receive expert guidance and advice from Otocare staff members.

Checking and receiving the car

Otocare will assist clients in thoroughly inspecting their cars to verify the quality of the engine and product cleanliness in order to maximize customer satisfaction. Additionally, to provide consumers with the greatest convenience possible while they wait for the service, the service consultant will recommend other services to meet their unique needs.

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Support customers to check the car to ensure the quality of the engine

Setting up services according to customer needs

Otocare helps consumers refer to additional car care and car upgrade services in order to meet their requirements while also upgrading their servicing needs.

The expert technicians at Otocare will take care of and raise the client’s car. They are well-trained and highly competent to ensure appropriate maintenance and upgrade work as needed by the customer and follow the correct method. The status of any lengthy repairs will be reported on a regular basis. In order to guarantee the highest repair quality for customers’ cars, the quality control procedure is also extremely concentrated at the same time.

Finishing, testing and delivering the car

The Otocare personnel will call the customer or personally invite them to pick up the car as soon as feasible after checking. Otocare consistently seeks to earn the confidence of its customers, thus it always wants them to be happy with the caliber of its goods and services before making a purchase. As a result, Otocare employees will help customers by referring to essential expenses and maintenance fees, and will also direct customers through the payment process until the automobile is eventually delivered.

With the goal of giving customers the best possible experience and the most peace of mind when using the service and products at the store. Otocare is committed to actively implementing many service policies to assist consumers in order to meet and exceeding their expectations in the future market.